Mar 10, 2021
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10 Gambling Tips For Beginners

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A trip to Vegas is one of the most enjoyable experiences a man can have, especially if he understands these 10 gambling tips for beginners. Different casinos have different rules but they all share a desire to keep the games ethical, exciting and fun. Understand the rules of gambling and you might walk away a winner.

Know Your Limits. One negative connotation about casinos is they take all of your money. Never take money to the casino you cannot afford to lose. The money you take is “entertainment cash.” Do not expect to get rich gambling.
Know When to Walk Away. he odds on slot machines skew towards the casino. When a player hits a big jackpot, the temptation is to keep gambling to win even more. The smart thing is to walk away with your newfound winnings and not give it all back.
Know the Rules of the Game. Nothing is more embarrassing than sitting at a blackjack table and having the dealer or pit boss chastise you in front of everyone for pulling a bonehead move. Understand the rules of the table. Some tables do not allow a player to touch his hand at all. Some allow the player to touch it, but only with one hand. Some disallow removing chips from the table. The key is to watch the table before joining to understand these small rules.
Know the Strategies of the Game. The casino already holds a large advantage over players. The only way to swing the odds into your favor is to learn the strategies to different games before sitting at a table to play. Do not expect to win based simply on intuition or luck.
Do Not Grab Money from off the Table. There is a time and place for picking up your winnings. If you grab the money when you believe you win it, chances are someone will approach you. Wait until the dealer pushes the money to you. The dealer cannot accept money handed to him either. Know the rules on exchanging money to avoid embarrassing situations.
Know the Table Limits. When playing poker against other players, know the limits of the bets. If the table is a “no-limit” game, the players can bet as much as they want. If you have a limited bank role, a wealthy gambler will bully you right out of the game. Choose a table that matches the total you are willing to lose.
Know the Law When Betting on Sports. Sports betting is only legal in Nevada. If you bet on sports anywhere else in the country, you are breaking the law. Beware of this the next time someone wants to introduce you to his bookie.
Loose Slot Machines. A loose slot machine is one that will hit more than a tight one. The key is finding the loose machines to increase your winnings. Loose machines are often found in the back of the casino. The tight machines along the way look flashier and you have to search for the loose ones. Slot machines by table games are normally tight because players are likely to play with their loose change before leaving the casino.
Craps. Understand what every bet in craps means. There are some bets, considered sucker bets that are largely in the house favor. There are other safe bets that win less money but at a slower pace. Bet only what you are comfortable betting. Also, make sure you make your bets before the boss hands the dice to the thrower or your bet not count.
Comps. Most casinos have member reward cards, good for complimentary meals, shows and hotel room stays depending on how much you gamble. Sign up when you arrive at the casino and keep your reward card on you at all times. Make sure when you sit at a table, you let the pit boss know you have a reward card and have him check you in. The longer you stay and the more you bet, the better your comps over your stay.

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