Jun 9, 2021
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Chinese Kitchen Slot Game – A Tasty Chinese Cuisine Experience Online

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Chinese Kitchen Slot Game is a 9 reel, 8 lined slot game that can be played either for free or for real money. The game offers a top 1000 coin line multiplier in which a player can place a maximum of 3 coins with a top value of 5 and get a chance to win big. The game has the feel of a steaming Chinese kitchen with fun music and beautiful animations to present you an extra enthusiastic gaming experience.


This interesting video slot game has the symbols themed around the Chinese cuisine including chicken, caterpillar, frog, duck, and snail, turtle, and sea creatures like starfish, octopus, fish and crab. There are no wild or scatter symbols in the game but nine of the above mentioned regular symbols. All the symbols, except the crab forms winning combinations only when they appear 3 times on any line. On clicking to spin the reels, you’d hear the sound of a croaking frog and then a fish reeling, a bubbling sound marks an end of a reel. Only the crab symbol pays out when a player get 1, 2 or 3 through spins.

How to play

Chinese Kitchen Slot Game has the coin value ranging from .01 to 5 with a maximum bet of 120. With a little gaming experience, this amazing Chinese kitchen game is capable of bringing a good amount of money by playing in an online casino. Like popular video slot games, this reel slot begins by spinning the reels. The game has five major buttons that controls the play. The bet button allows players to choose the number of coins you are betting per line. Pressing the line button allows you to select the gaming option of betting on all the lines. There are also buttons for betting maximum and for showing out the payouts. All a player needs to do is to spin the reels and if you get multiple combinations, you’ll have the number of wins increased and so the payouts. The number showed by the pay table for every hit needs to be multiplied in order to know the winning money.

Betting Options

The maximum bet in the game per spin is 120 coins for which you need to place your bet with 5 coins. 3 coins per pay line is the maximum and so is the 24 coins per spin. A 1000 coin jackpot gained through three turtle symbols gives you the maximum payout of a 1000-coin multiplier of the line bet.  200 times the line bet is the second highest payout which can be won through a set of 3 snail symbols. Winning combinations are highlighted with colored pay lines presenting you an attractive gaming experience.

Exotic Cuisine Experience

Chinese Kitchen Slot Game is certain to offer you an exotic Chinese kitchen feel by playing it online. Almost all the casinos offer this exciting game online for fun lovers to play and win amounts. With no added icons, this game is quick to learn and easy to play. Guidelines for playing the game are available along with for players to get familiar with the slot before stepping into it.

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