Jun 16, 2021
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European Redeal Blackjack

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Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games for a good reason: there are ways for players to turn the house edge around on this game. Even online, where card counting techniques don’t work, the use of basic strategy will allow players to keep the house edge extremely small. Like all popular games though, blackjack too is apparently re-invented all the time, with new rules resulting in new strategy elements added. One such spin-off version is European Redeal Blackjack, a game introduced by Microgaming, which is aimed at allowing the player to get rid of his bad hands at the click of a button, for a small fee. Indeed, in Redeal Blackjack, if you do not like your hand, you can have it re-dealt as many as 5 times.

Here are the rules of the game, which paint a pretty decent picture of the differences between redeal- and classic blackjack too. If the player hits the re-deal my hand button, all his cards will be re-dealt. Players can opt for having only their last card re-dealt. The re-deal dealer hand option allows the player to have all the cards of the dealer re-dealt. If the player happens to bust, he can no longer re-deal the dealer’s hand. If the player picks up a blackjack on the first two dealt cards, he will not be able to have his hand re-dealt. The same goes if the player has a hand which totals 21.The split option negates the re-deal option. While most re-deals do in fact cost a small amount of money, there are some re-deals which are allowed for free.

The bottom line: when everything is added up, re-deal blackjack doesn’t really offer players better mathematical odds than traditional blackjack. The novelty factor is pretty cool though and we’re quite certain some players will get hooked on the new game based on this alone.

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